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My name’s Jarek. I am an electronics engineer and an informatician. This is my hobby and so I value other people who have hobbies too. Up to now, I have been a member of several crews supporting cyclists during long distance races. Usually, during the races, I am: a navigator, an engineer, a logistician and a driver. It is important for me to start preparations long time before the race to get to know race rules, local conditions, race route and the terrain. I do it to predict all possible scenarios and to be ready to overcome possible challenges.

This year, I am participating, as a crew member, in the Race Around Austria for the 3rd time. During the races I use a cyclist navigation computer programme created by me. It allows to save many valuable hours of race time. With this app there is no possibility to lose one’s way. The app is fully compatible with the route book for the race.

One of my biggest successes, up to now, is leading a crew of a cyclist-amateur in this year’s Race Across America - Remek Siudzinski. Before the race I was responsible for all preparations, logistics, transport and car and accommodation booking. During the race I was organizing and distributing the tasks in the team and I was taking care of supplies and driving tactics. Remek accomplished his dream of finishing the Race Across America in the provided time limit in the first go!

I will be happy to be a crew member or a team leader during your long distance cycling race.


For long-distance races it is important to prepare technical base. It is essential both for support vehicles and the cyclist. Every race lasts at least several days so it is necessary to have safe and reliable equipment:

- communication with the cyclist during the race - professional Cardo system installed on the helmet, megaphone with the possibility of transmitting voice messages, music from the computer and mp3 player,

- communication between the vehicles - mobile phones,

- communication between crew members - shortwave transmitters,

- wireless Internet connection - modems with WiFi for all ranges (Europe/ America),

- rear warning lights - installed on magnets,

- professional car plastering with sponsors and race organizers’ stickers - no creases, easy to detach without damaging car paint,

- power supply in the cars necessary for charging: phones, cameras, Cardo, navigation, etc. - inverters 12/230V with a kit of different types of output sockets.

I assure professional wiring of vehicles which is resistant to weather conditions (e.g. rain) and has enough power supply.

To make all this happen I use my own and Remek’s Siudziński’s devices. All applied solutions worked perfectly during the races and gained other teams’ recognition.


For several years now, I have been participating in long-distance races as a crew member. Each race is preceded by systematic and long preparations.

Before the first start in Race Around Austria I have worked out a mountain test route in Poland. It is a 450 km route with 6500 m of elevation which leads through one of the most beautiful spots in Poland.

During the test, we have been working on role division, crew members’ cooperation,navigation, communication with the cyclist, food, cyclist’s support, cycling techniques and effective planning of stops. Assuring the proper comfort of work, time for relaxation and rest and a good level of motivation are very important for every crew member.

Well carried-out preparations allowed for successful support of Remek Siudziński in finishing the Race Around Austria and the Race Across America (in 1st attempt).

Up to now I have participated in:

- 2012, June - Test before the race in the Polish mountains - technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2012, August - Race Around Austria 2012 (extreme category: Remek Siudzinski) – technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2013, June - Test before the race in the Polish mountains - technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2013, August - Race Around Austria 2013 (extreme category: Remek Siudzinski) – technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2014, April - Test before the race in the Polish mountains - crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2014, June - Race Across America 2014 (extreme category: Remek Siudzinski) – crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2014, August - Race Around Austria 2014 (4-person team category: Waclaw Zurakowski/Henryk Huzar/Christian Skreiner/Leszek Szendzielorz) – support team leader/technician/navigator/driver

- 2014, November - Run to Maidan – technician/navigator/driver

- 2015, May - Race Around Slovenia 2015 (2-person team category: Waclaw Zurakowski/Henryk Huzar) – support team leader/technician/navigator/driver

- 2015, June - Test before the race in the Polish mountains - crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2015, August - Gory MRDP 2015 (extreme category: Remek Siudzinski) – crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2016, June - Test before the race in the Polish mountains - crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver

- 2016, August - Race Across Austria 2016 (extreme category: Remek Siudzinski) – crew leader/strategist/technician/navigator/logistician/driver


When I first looked at the route of the Race Around Austria I realised that it will be difficult to go through the route correctly with paper version of a route book. Counting meters and kilometers basing on vehicle’s milometer would command navigator’s time completely. And when he/she could find time for motivating the cyclist and for cheering: GO GO! Especially, during the initial stages of the race where the local roads are very narrow. Also, often, there are no clear signposts. A mistake in the route can cost you precious minutes or even hours. We couldn’t afford that. With the paper version of the route book very often you don’t know if you are on the right path. If you pull off the route you may even get disqualified.

We came up with the idea of creating our own navigation system compatible with the organizer’s route book very quickly. Though, creating the programme lasted a few months. Yet, thanks to our navigation system, you know where you are and when you will reach a bend or crossroads at any step of the journey.

Initially, we have used a laptop held on the knees. It was incredibly uncomfortable during hot days. A hot computer and all the wiring reduced comfort of working.

After several years of updates and improvements we got to:

- professional navigation on tablet devices

- tablets well-secured on distribution board

- touchscreen - it is enough to press the screen with your finger

- the Internet is not needed - all maps are available on the device

- many maps and satellite photos of the route are available

- developed statistics - following the ghost, counting the time left to the finish line, stops planning, route profile, average times of cycling and stops and much more.

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